Tuesday, August 12, 2003

aswang in the city?

I wasn't able to sleep much early yesterday morning. Was hearing footsteps on the roof and actually saw a shadow on the skylight. Then some hammering sounds. You can imagine poor duwag me... My dad had to check outside the window of the upstairs bedroom but we didn't see anything. It was a cat, said dear daddy o' mine. Funny, the footsteps sounded so heavy; and a cat can't hammer, for crying out loud!!!

I couldn't sleep much after that and decided to take the morning off from work. Hey, something good came out of this after all!

Denise says baka aswang. Aaak aswang in the city! Doesn't help that my mom's family comes from Capiz, said to be one of the aswang-infested spots in the Phils.

I learned that I didn't know what to do if there was an emergency. I know now--dial 168. But sometimes it doesn't answer. There are also PNP emergency numbers--I used these once when there was a rumble at a bar where my friends were. But that was 9 in the pm.

So who do you call for help at 3am? The Ghostbusters?

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