Friday, August 15, 2003

Outages and Crushes

There was a blackout in NYC, Toronto and other cities before I left the house this morning. What a panic! People were on the street walking home, some were stuck in the subway and trapped in elevators. Was just wondering where were all the generators? Was there never any need for them? Even the phone lines were dead, we couldn't get to our cousin in NY. She was probably at the hospital anyway. Filipinos must just be chuckling: di sanay ang mga Kano sa brownout! Unlike here where Luzon-wide blackouts just mean candlelight dinners, thoughts of coups that just go away after a while, a few mosquito bites but no stop to neighborhood karaoke-drinking sessions. Just scary because of all the terrorist stuff going on. Sigh. Life goes on.

Was at Aposento with Ryanne and Eisen a few weeks ago. Rygirl requested for Crush by the Dave Matthews Band. Of course, they played Crash (Into Me) instead. Haha! When I was in sophomore year I had a crush on my Quantitative Methods teacher who looked like a Chinese Jojo Lastimosa. When I started teaching a few years later, I didn't have a crush on him anymore, but I took to calling him "crush" to his face (yes, even if he was married). Funny, he started calling me "crush" too. We still call each other that. Now in the office, there's this person I call my crush too, who also reciprocates. We're like a mutual admiration society. Only thing is, she's also a girl.

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yen said...

While waiting to talk to a friend of mine thru YM, I was reading your older posts. And to my surprise, you know someone other than me who's named Ryanne?! Hahaha. Hala! Di na ako orig!