Saturday, August 23, 2003

Office Radio

Am at work to check on the monthly run for our agents' compensation system but system operator is actually playing bowling for our tournament first. I should have slept in. Grrr! So here I am blogging...

Am tuned in to K-Lite and heard No Ordinary Girl by Anika Paris. Quite upbeat. Sometimes I wish I could feel this way again someday. Ah, a song for the future:
Pardon my presumption
My dubious intentions
It isn't very often
That I fall this hard for someone
And I know this may sound crazy
I don't wanna freak you out
But give me just a moment
To tell you what I'm all about

And then a blast from the past. I never forgave myself for falling for a person who sang Everything But the Girl's I Didn't Know I Was Looking for Love to me--hook, line, and sinker. "And if you left I would be two-foot small/And every tear would be a waterfall." Well he was five-foot-two small and had a steady girlfriend when he sang that to me.

And finally there's Plumb's Worlds Collide: A Fairy Tale, very much for now:
Together we seemed perfect
A fairy tale for show
And looking on the outside
You'd never even know

That we're just not right
When compromise is wrong
Seems out of sight
In this place we belong
Giving everything

Giving everything for love
I'm finding out that it's not enough
There's nothing left between you and I
I'm finding faith but losing us
Where worlds collide

In my good friend Mike's words: it's all good.

You're fading out, what did you say?

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