Thursday, August 14, 2003

Mars Attacks, and
Old and New Friends

Mars attack #1
Saw the planet Mars last night. Made like a lunatic and stared at the moon and the bright dot beneath it for a good ten minutes. I'd forgotten about those emails that Mars is the closest its going to be in 200 years or something. Nins was calling from outside, she'd tried to take a pic--failing miserably with our puny digicam. There was just a sense of awe that I was seeing something so far away. Something that was even mythical. Somehow there was a feeling that everything was right in the universe.

Mars attack #2
Have cut myself down to one chocolate bar a week. Had my fix--a Mars bar--when I got home last night. Funny that it was the same night that I saw the planet with the same name.

Old Friends
Actually, former students-turned-friends. Saw EA on my way to Rustan's to buy a gift for Norman's baby and dragged him to the children's section. I guess guys can go shopping with girls as long as there's a lot of conversation--problem is, if you're going with your brother or husband whom you're with 24/7 (ok maybe 14/7), you end up talking about the same things. Had coffee with Ger and talked about psycho girlfriends (I've recovered from that bout of insanity, thanks!); then saw Raymond B. near Shell house. And to think it was a Wednesday night, not Friday night at Greenbelt 3.

New Friends
Finally met a good friend's significant other last night. Suffice to say that I'm interested to get to know her better.

Back to work!

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