Sunday, January 23, 2005

sunday afternoon

I've just posted my reading list and I realized that I'm going to end up reading Smoke and Mirrors and Far Horizons first, even before the two novels that I’ve been meaning to read for the longest time. These are both collections of short stories, the first by Neil Gaiman, and the second by a plethora of bigshot science-fiction authors.

It seems I’ve been having trouble committing to read a lengthy novel nowadays. I think that’s a sad indication of the turn my life has taken. I used to be able to devour a novel every two days, with or without schoolwork. But that was then, and this is now. Between slavery for StingyCo, Factory jobs, couch-kamote-ship, and additional housework and errands since one of our helpers left, I can’t seem to make time for continuous sessions of reading to properly imbibe the 782-page Jonathan Strange. Pathetic.


Seen at Landmark Supermarket: (1) RS Francisco of M. Butterfly fame (hey, I was a kid but I was abreast (hee!) of such developments); (2) sweet-looking lady with accompanying yaya, buying out all the SweetTarts (!) in Landmark. Now, that was strange.


After the season finale of Coupling last night, I switched channels until I came across that brazen, stubborn, smart-alecky but entertaining denizen of The Plaza Hotel, Eloise. On Disney Channel, of course. This time it was Christmas and Eloise was trying to manage Christmas shopping, devise a way so that their impoverished co-resident of the Plaza could stay on, and save Mr. Peabody’s daughter from marrying a cad and instead ending up with her true love, Bill the bellhop. Haha. It was a wonderful romp, even as I tend to believe that Eloise is quite a bad role model for children.


I wasn’t really supposed to go to National, but I ended up going anyway to buy the latest copy of Good Housekeeping (hehe) but ended up finding a copy of the Angel 2004 Yearbook (or so it says) for PhP150. Good thing the mother-unit was taking so long in Jesi Mendez. I haven’t opened it yet, but there’s a special feature on Smile Time. Great.

Last Song Syndrome : Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani feat. Eve

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