Friday, January 07, 2005

atm death

Phonebanking: Welcome to xxx bank. For banking transactions, press 1...
Ri: *presses 1*
You have chosen to do banking transactions. Please enter your 10-digit primary account number.
Ri: xxxxxxxxxx
Please enter your phone access number.
Ri: xxxx
Your total available balance is ten pesos and zero centavos.
Ri: Booyah!

in other highrise-shattering news
The Jollibee in our office building food court closed down.

Apparently they hadn't been meeting quotas, and with the high rental, they found it more profitable to transfer to a different food court. Goodbye cheap breakfasts! Goodbye afternoon fries! Goodbye strawberry shake and krunchy twirl (or as I call it, twirly crunch) on a whim! Regardless of the fact that we keep on whining ("Jollibee na naman?!"), it had become our cheap default. Now we have to resort to the more expensive stalls, or to the less pricey Jolli-jeeps all the way at the ground floor, with no ambiance to speak of. At least, even if it was Jollibee (na naman?!), we'd eat at the open/smoking area and there was a huge chance of seeing High-Rise Crush. (One way or another, I will find out your name!)

Oh well. Things change. People change. Ex-SO has been texting again, short of asking for another chance. Heck, he did. Am mildly annoyed but generally apathetic. Co-conspirator asked me what was wrong with Ex-SO, he was nice and everything. I said I didn't feel the same way anymore, and, yes, people change. Co-conspirator smirks and says, "That's one stupid, over-used line!" Apparently it was also used on him.

I can't figure out why I feel so antagonistic towards Ex-SO. After all, he never really hurt me; in fact it was I who did the hurting. But I feel so cold towards him now. Could it be that I'm angry at myself for choosing him? Because I think, deep down, I'm really echoing what my zeester and my dearest friends are saying, that I'm too good for him. What a biatch I am.

And then, SlimyGuy #2 comes out of hibernation. And what do I do with this person who used me to make his girlfriend jealous, left said girlfriend for another girl whom he got pregnant and then now is with neither of them? I say, "we should catch up sometime." And last night, he texts, "U busy?" I was on the way to badminton. But part of me wanted to meet up with him! And for what? For the heck of it? Ah feh.

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