Monday, January 03, 2005


  • Killer tsunamis.
  • Magandang Gabi Bayan sensational images of firecracker victims.
  • General cleaning of the StingyCo desk and the so-called pad.
  • New Year's Day party and acting as nanny to boisterous kids.
  • Hot Mama Anj's third child's baptism, on the same day as Bespren D. giving birth through emergency C-section.
  • Intra-family feuds.
  • The long wait for Blade: Trinity and Ocean's Twelve. (Other must-see movies: Sideways, The Aviator, The Merchant of Venice.)
  • Chill Babe and Co-conspirator calling it quits, but Co-conspirator still haplessly devoted. CB seems quite thrilled by it.
  • Long speech by StingyCo CEO.
  • Long, inaudible speech by Employee of the Year.
  • A mailbox filled with pending tasks.
  • 176 undead, er, unread messages in my Yahoo! mailbox.
  • A pending invitation to Camp Crame.
  • Heavy heavy lunch from Thai Kitchen, free with the General Assembly.

    The first day back at work has left me numb. More will come to mind later. For now:
    Happy New Year everyone!
    Have a blessed and abundant 2005... despite all they're saying about Rooster years. Make your own destiny.

    Last Song Syndrome : Numb - Linkin Park (I didn't hear it, I just started singing it)
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