Monday, August 02, 2004

the eating of the posts

Have just experienced "the eating of the post" as described by LibrarianJessie. Longish post was posted but 'Publish Post' button resulted in an error. Fie upon you ISP of StingyCo!


cheers for the bespren!
Bespren J. is one of the members of the Philippine contingent for the international Marlboro Adventure Race. She was one of the Top 5 from a field of 25 finalists, cut from a field of more than 100,000 applicants. Brilliant, this friend of mine. She is the most athletic person I know, perfect foil to my sedentary self--among the sports she's tried out and excelled in are swimming, basketball, fencing and dragonboat rowing. For the race she went through driving a 4x4 and an ATV, orienteering, rapelling, swimming, and a boat race that included tipping an overturned boat. It's an inspiring story that showcases how good things come out of doing something with spirit and spunk.

sweet, syrupy short-term memory loss
Finally watched 50 First Dates. Comments here at The Casual Watcher. Teared up a little and was generally ready to turn in for a peaceful night's sleep until...

paavo went missing
Son of a b!tch (literally) slipped out the gate momentarily left open and ended up ten blocks away near the covered court. Thank you, thank you, barangay tanods. Nins' eyes were now swollen from both 50 First Dates and Paavo's Night Out. Sigh. Wasted gasoline looking for him, and then at midnight, prices went up. Brilliant.

Last Song Syndrome : Flood - Jars of Clay
slowly i become one with the mud

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