Thursday, August 05, 2004

fare thee well, our little boy

Paavo finally succeeded in his attempt to slip through the gate grilles early Tuesday morning and we haven't found him since then. We chalk it all up to his impending manhood -er- dogpuberty. Apparently this is a common occurrence in "adolescent" males especially those of certain breeds (Paavo's mix being a mystery to us till this day).

Paavo was never an extraordinary dog--he couldn't do tricks for the life of him, and I wouldn't depend on him to get help. He did have a knack for sniffing out intruders though, and was so malambing (hence our theory that he is a lab mix, aside, of course, from his looks). But like any other member of the family, however imperfect, however strange he was sometimes, he was accepted with total unconditional love. Despite the tantrums when we had a new puppy for a while, or making it a point to jump up on the beds only when there were new bedsheets. That's our little boy!

Nins was crying almost non-stop the whole of Tuesday. We've scoured an area of 10 blocks from our house but apparently he had too much lead time. We've visited the dog pounds. We're putting up posters today but I don't think it's going to help much. We can only hope that he's safe somewhere and hasn't gotten run over; we can only hope that he gets enough to eat.

It isn't too much to hope, is it? In the two-hour season finale of Charmed, there were mirror worlds that were the exact opposite (the Charmed ones were evil, and demons were good). Barbas, the demon who sowed fear and was a constant adversary of the Charmed ones, was, in the alternate dimension, the demon of hope. Hope seems to be the antithesis of all evil--going all the way back to Pandora's Box. We're hoping to get Paavo back someday. Much like we're hoping that something good will actually happen to the Philippines.

Last Song Syndrome : Mr. Clay - Bamboo

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