Friday, August 20, 2004

deer caught in the headlights

Chill Babe is this pretty girl I know. Yeah, I guess I consider her a friend. She's the right blend of pretty and disarming that both girls and guys like her and aren't threatened by her. Anyway, Chill Babe and Co-conspirator (conspiratorial story was previously blogged here) seem to be an item now.

I guess I was expecting it, but when I received pseudo-confirmation from Chill Babe I sensed my reaction was that of a deer caught in the headlights of a fast approaching car. Maybe I wanted to justify that Co-conspirator wasn't ready to commit to another person--resulting in the conspiracy. I know it wasn't anything deeper, but it was quite a letdown to be faced pointblank with the fact that it really wasn't anything. I realize that he probably wanted Chill Babe all along and when Chill Babe suddenly became single, he saw the opportunity.

I'm not hurt, just particularly perplexed. And crossing my fingers that Chill Babe will be the one to tame the Co-conspirator. Am glad that I get to close that short insane episode.


Meanwhile, it seems that a security camera has been installed on our floor. It's supposed to prevent unsavory characters from doing anything, well, unsavory on our floor, but it seems to be portents of Big Brother. Am more concerned about Spyware though, because the camera (if it is indeed a camera and not a fire alarm) cannot pick up my monitor. Malay ba nilang nagba-blog ako.

Last Song Syndrome : Upside Down - Fra Lippo Lippi/2 Minds Crack

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