Monday, August 27, 2007

R.I.P. Ramon Zamora

Ramon Zamora, veteran action star, the Bruce Lee of the Philippines, whose name is synonymous to Philippine kung fu, died last night of a heart attack.

Most other celebrities would not warrant this treatment from me, but Mr. Zamora saved my life once. This is not a joke.

When I was three months old (many, many moons ago), I contracted salmonella, and was hospitalized for a month, complete with dextrose tubes going into my head since none of my other veins could be tapped. As part of my treatment, I needed a certain type of imported milk called EL-110.

Unfortunately, at the time, EL-110 supply was running short in the Philippines. My parents and their many relatives and friends called all retailers in Metro Manila as well as the provinces, but there was no EL-110 to be had. One retailer said that his last box had just been bought by the action star, Ramon Zamora, for his own child.

My father steeled his nerve and went to the Zamora residence, and asked if he could have even just one can of milk. Good man that he was, Mr. Zamora allowed my father to purchase four of the precious cans from him, which was enough to tide me over until the next batch of imports came through (and then there was an oversupply due to our created demand).

For years, we have been ever grateful for this deed. I'm sure that this was just one of the helpful things that he has done for others. I'm sure he's received the warmest of welcomes in heaven.


G! said...

amusing story -- the can of milk one.


yen said...

wow! it's like in the movies ... just better. good thing he was a good man.

Princess Cookie said...

touching indeed. :')

Anonymous said...

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