Tuesday, August 07, 2007

uncle ben on fire drills

Someone once wisecracked that how come in elementary when you were tasked to line up during a fire, the line had to be by height, with the tall kids in the back--did the tall kids burn more slowly? [Insert canned laughter here.]

Maybe because I'm older--definitely not wiser--but I think we know the answer to that question now, right? It's because no one should be overlooked or left behind, and if the tall kids were in front, smaller kids could be overlooked in the confusion. I guess to be tall in elementary is like to wielding power in the real world. Uncle Ben Parker always comes to mind: "with great power comes great responsibility". In short, the big kids should look out for the little ones, give way so that those who aren't as gifted as they are would be safe first. It isn't really the way things are, but isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

Ah, idealistic me. That's why I get so sad and disappointed sometimes.

Last Song Syndrome : Spice Up Your Life - sorry, just saw a feature on the Spice Girls' reunion tour

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