Monday, September 10, 2007

current pet peeve

Ladies at the School Supplies section of UniMart. First, I wait and wait and wait for someone to come over to the far side of the counter opposite the cash register, where the item I want to buy (dressmaker pins, don't ask) are located. No, both of them are busy servicing the customers at the cash register even if one of them would do. So, I fall in line with the people paying, and of course, when I reach the register, they have to give me the item, right? But Ms Register lady of course, doesn't wait for her assistant/alipores to hand me the item, instead, she moves on to the next customer. Who bought a number of items. Whom I had to wait to finish, bagging and heat-sealing and all. [Sigh, National doesn't heat-seal anymore. You can reuse the plastic bags.] When I could have finished before her. I wasted a good ten minutes of shopping time there!

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