Monday, August 06, 2007

rain on me

I got hooked on The Dawn early. Beyond the Bend days, thanks to JC, who wasn't just my Natural Science teacher but also my rock music guru. Some of my favorite songs of all time, but most of them were not commercial successes unlike the San Miguel anthems Salamat or Iisang Bangka Tayo. Some of the songs that I still sing in my head to this day that I cannot find anywhere else are Rain On Me and Hey Isabel, aside from the more popular Beyond the Bend and Little Paradise.

I always thought that I had a copy of Beyond the Bend in CD format (because I do know I had a tape copy, along with the Menudo tapes, hee), but a quick check of my "assets" yields no black and gray Beyond the Bend. I fairly recall having a copy of this, but (a) I could have been dreaming and confused it with the OPM Timeless Collection of The Dawn; or (b) I could have lost it during the move. I'm leaning more towards (a), so if you would know where I can get a copy of this album, please please PLEASE let me know.


Gahd, was I really just dreaming about owning this CD?

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