Thursday, January 12, 2006

deeper shade of soul is on hiatus, hopefully temporary


Jennie said...

enjoy your hiatus. will look forward to the day you blog again, ri. TC! :)

arevalos said...

ako din, sana mag-hiatus na :D sobrang busy ever eh :)

anyway, i hope things are well with you...and advance happy weekend :p said...

Rianne A,

This is Noel from the MaxiBoard!
Remember Eric Meim, Carlo San Juan, and the guy whom I forgot the name. He went to Orange County California for a vacation and came back with her punky cousin (all I could remember). And another lady who had a daughter that was quite crafty with art. Gawd that was eons ago!
99.5RT BBS called The Maxiboard. Those were the days before the Internet became a household necessity.
Anyway, I was just thinking if you all are in touch with each other. Except for Eric of course if you haven't already heard. May God rest his soul in peace.

Noel Buhay