Thursday, June 29, 2006

the cost of getting sick

I hate taking sick days. I already have three and a half sick days used up this year, including those taken yesterday and last Monday. Today I took my third-and-a-half sick day. My parents rushed me to the hospital around midnight because I was having really bad stomach spasms which weren't being alleviated by any medicine I took. Two injections and a nap later, I was good to go at 4am. I'm glad I still live with my parents. I was wondering, what if I lived on my own and I experienced that excruciating pain? The neighbors would probably throw me out because of all the racket I was making. All things ending up well, I'm better, and back at work this afternoon.

I didn't use to hate taking my sick leave--at StingyCo, it was one way to keep sane. But now I do, because unused sick days are convertible to cash at GeeksForHire, and if I play my cards right and end up with about 10 sick days at the end of the year, I will probably have enough to buy a new flatscreen TV and DVD player. Er. But of course, it will probably go into the nuptials fund, covering the cost for invitations and souvenirs (not bad).

The ER doctor (who looked like Keri Russell in a strange way) said I had gastritis, which could have been caused by my intake of softdrinks mixed with the medicines I've been taking for my cough and colds. Apparently, it is also caused by emotional stress, like dealing with f*($king contractors and bad weather. Sigh.


PostScript: Medicines prescribed by Keri Russell look-alike amounted to Ps.1,952. What fun. Good thing it's reimbursable here at GeeksForHire (I think).

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