Friday, June 23, 2006

raindrops and roses and payroll

I don't know what sort of folly this is. I have severe muscle pains, the beginnings of full-blown cough and colds, a headache and a slight fever. And yet, here I am, about to leave for work. Viva la GeeksForHire! We have an important deliverable today which I was trying to finish yesterday afternoon but since I was already feeling bad, I left early. Unfortunately, the feeling only worsened last night and this morning, here I am, groggily typing this up. And best of all, there is only P40 in my wallet. Extreme wallet death, to be sure. Good thing it's sweldo today. (These are a few of my favorite things...)


ETA: Er. From the office now. I left my freaking ATM at home! So I still have P40 in my wallet since I rode with the zeester coming to work. At least I will be able to get home safe and sound on le Guadalupe jeepney.

Last Song Syndrome : that freaking First Day High commercial

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sarah said...

ri! *hug* get better soon! i've been an awful blogger these days. i hope to come up with something within the week. =)