Monday, May 09, 2005


Had Mothers' Day dinner at this Chinese place called Skyhigh in Malate. Yummy! Unfortunately on the way home, I failed to notice a little crater in the mosaic-like pavement they had installed in front. My heel shoots perfectly into the little round basin and I am thrown off balance. I fall two steps and land on my gluteus maximus. I know I hit someone along the way, sorry na lang po. I try to block everything out because of the pain (it was like having my breath knocked out of me, I swear) but I heard some bystanders going "ay ang ale nahulog!" and "ano ba nangyari diyan"... Well, curiosity isn't concern, and I don't care what these people are thinking while I'm sitting cross-legged on a Malate pavement. Took both zeester#1 and zeester#2's boyfriends to help me up.

So there, my ankle is twisted. Last night it was swollen, a little like the 'manas' of a pregnant woman, and a quick call to Doctora Anj yielded a command to "immobilize and ice". Thanks, good doctor. Anj, I feel, is an epitome of the essence of motherhood for our generation... Hee!

As of this morning, the ankle is not that swollen anymore although it hurts tremendously if I walk, even with a cane. Any movement hurts. I'm taking it to the hospital later this afternoon (take advantage of free hospital care). Meanwhile, my fingers are not affected--therefore, I blog.

the announcement
It had to come sooner or later, but officially, beginning last Friday (and unofficially beginning around mid-April), the ex-SO is now the current SO. I know, I've eaten my words. I like words. They taste good. Hee!

I am happier now than I have ever been in the last two years, with the exception of the post-Employee of the Year glow. Actually I think I'm happier now because I've found that people do grow even if they're apart; and things always seem to work out if they're meant to work out.

By the way, ex-SO is not Little Boy. Therefore...

the little boy chronicles
Are concluded. I think I was chronicling this because I knew that it was superficial and trivial. Meanwhile, the other thing going on in the background was complicated and real, and therefore remained private. Until now, that is.

Let's write a new chapter with a returning character. A long one. With hopefully this returning character sticking around til the end of the story. That would be nice.

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