Saturday, May 21, 2005

hectic weekend

Am getting ready for a teambuilding session at Palms with the new department at IntlConsultingFirm. It was a blessing in disguise (thank you Lord!) that the partner for the intercompany badminton tilt backed out. And then tonight the gehls have a night-out at the baywalk and ovenight at the Grand Boulevard Hotel to take advantage of Helen's free stays. I really hope we don't get a shitty room like last time. After the overnight, tomorrow is Star Wars day with the SO. I wonder when I'm going squeeze in the groceries, IntlConsultingFirm requirements, and other general tasks. Oh well. Things will work out.

by the way
Last weekend we celebrated the new lawyer in the family via thanksgiving dinner. Much fun was had. And thanks to my favorite godmother for continually stroking my ego despite the fact that I've gained 20 pounds since she last saw me.
congratulations, atty

Last Song Syndrome : Sunrise - Norah Jones (my "discreet" ringtone)

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