Sunday, March 13, 2005

things to do at 2am

...when you're frantically applying updates to your antivirus and downloading anti-spyware because suddenly you can't connect to the internet...
  • listen to Mojofly, Kitchie Nadal days (even then I was in love with her voice)
  • replace grip on badminton racket, which had been put off for two months now, thank you
  • convince myself that there are neither intentions nor sparks between me and G
  • list down stuff to buy tomorrow (Irish Girls About Town, Phillips earphones with case, toilet paper, toothpaste)
  • think about starting to work on latest Factory freelance job
  • end up playing Warfare on AchTung Baby
  • blog for the first time in two weeks about (go back to top)

    Ah well. Such is life. Prevention is definitely better than having to go through all these (yes, JP, I have learned my lesson).

    Last Song Syndrome : Another Day - Mojofly
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