Sunday, March 27, 2005

just a few things before i turn in

  • Little Jelly Belly bags are now available pre-packed for about a hundred bucks. What fun looking at each individual Jelly Belly marker! I love almost all of the 20 flavors in this particular pack, except for coconut and licorice (white and black, how fitting). I'm still finishing up the pack right now, with a lot of pink stuff floating around (the absolute favorites: bubble gum, cotton candy and strawberry daquiri). The sugar-free version (which I should be munching on) is a little more expensive at PhP127.50. I wonder how sugar-free cotton candy will taste...
  • The clean-room project hit a snag because the mother-unit and zeester#2 started packing and looking for stuff. And now I'm back to around square 1.5 (because I did get some stuff done anyway).
  • Blasts from the past are sometimes all they're made out to be, but sometimes they're also confusing, as are strange little boys who murmur sweet nothings and then suddenly disappear...
  • Bye Mikalah! Zeester#1 was right about this elimination, while I was wrong about Bo Bice being in the bottom 3. Come on, if you're gonna be my favorite, stop singing Jim Croce songs!!!
  • Just got back from bringing the mother-unit and zeester#2 to the airport. I love driving at this time of day/night.
  • Finally, the Blue Paint Killer is nabbed on CSI. Gil finally gets his man. And it was really disturbing too. Talk about sordid.

    Adieu, adieu! I shall wake early this morn because we will go to Alabang and hide Easter eggs for the little nieces and nephews.

    Last Song Syndrome : Honey - Bobby Goldsboro
    Don't ask me... it was the last song playing on the radio on the way home.
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