Thursday, March 31, 2005


The ex-SO (N.) and I have been talking a lot lately. It really helps that he's purportedly in love with somebody else, and I don't feel his stalker tendencies anymore. I really didn't relish receiving alternately mushy and angry texts. Anyway, N. has fallen, apparently, for this girl Chinky. Chinky has a boyfriend, whom she tells N. she doesn't love anymore, but she can't seem to break up with him. She says she reciprocates N.'s feelings though.

There must really be people like that, right? Those who can't break up with their significant others even if they've fallen out of love? It wasn't a problem with me, and N. won't let me forget it. Seems Chinky is the better person... or is she? I keep on wondering if she's really in like at least with N. Sometimes I feel like she's using him because she has a computer shop in their province and N. is her free technician. Today he passed by the computer store and a kikay store to get things for her because he's going to her province during his days off next week.

Maybe it really is love, but if it is, why does it seem like she's stringing him along? Seems like it's just convenient. But that's just me. According to him, he's willing to wait--something he also told me before. I'm just really glad that he's not waiting for me anymore and that he's moved on, but somehow this strikes a chord of discontent, and wariness. I don't want him to get hurt again; but I'm glad that he's found this sliver of happiness. I can't say that I don't care for him anymore, and it's because of this that I hope that it's the real thing with Chinky. I really hope that she can own up to her emotions if she really wants to be with him, for both their sakes. Is she waiting for the two guys to fight over her? At this point in time, I still think of her as a sigurista though, and not worthy of N.'s devotion. But that's just me. Only the best for my (ex-)boy!

I agree with Simon Cowell. I find that I agree with him most of the time anyway. Scott (or Anthony) deserved to be eliminated more than Jessica, at least in my book. And peyborit Bo got his first bad comment from Simon, who thought Constantine (heaven forbid!) was better than Bo was. Bespren D (a.k.a. Constantine fangirl) is ecstatic.

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[The little boy? Is no more. I don't exactly enjoy his company right now. I'm glad we had that one meeting and I realized that although he has a lot of things going for him, he really doesn't do it for me cerebrally. And I think he has Attention Deficit Disorder, or maybe he just wasn't paying that much attention to me because I wasn't a GRO dudette--whose company he was enjoying one time when he wasn't answering any calls. Egad! This guy freaks me out now!]

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