Sunday, March 20, 2005

a day of nothing

Just finished reading a TWoP recap of the episode of C.S.I. that aired last Wednesday. I missed a certain part because G was taking full advantage of Sun's 24/7. Haha. Anyway, the episode (in which papa Gary D. was utterly yummy)... ANYWAY, the episode centered on an idyllic upper-class suburban community which engaged in sexual swap-meets. It was funny because I didn't realize that the family names used were family names from various sitcoms. The woman who dies in the episode is surnamed Keaton (Family Ties!), the party hosts are the Bradys (hee!) and another couple are the Cunninghams (Happy Days was before my time, but they showed reruns a few years ago which zeester#2 insisted on watching). Wasn't that fun? The other families daw were the Huxtables (Cosby Show!), the Seavers (Growing Pains!)... and I don't know who the Jeffersons and the Bunkers are... who's Archie Bunker anyway?

Also watched Ocean's Twelve a little earlier. [Sidebar: Thanks to Dread Pirate Roberts (whose identity shall remain hidden), I'm still able to get my twice-monthly fix of -ahem- contraband, while not having to go out and brave the crackdown. A wee bit pricier but it's more convenient.] Anyway, Ocean's Twelve was a terribly fun movie, although I don't regret not watching it at the theater. Like Ocean's Eleven, which I just watched on HBO a year ago, I think. Everyone just seemed to be having so much fun; and of course, the added bonus of Vincent Cassel (squee!).

I just realized I missed the first episode of Lost. I don't know what I was doing last Thursday night. Probably sleeping. Thank heavens for AXN's (and StarWorld's) weekend replays. Bravo!

After meeting Dread Pirate Roberts, I brought zeester#2 to Ortigas and ran into uber-foul traffic on EDSA. Somewhere near EDSA-Crossing, the private cars' lanes merge into one (read and weep: ONE!) lane. Traffic was stopped up from Guadalupe onward. That was great, just great. I have so much time to waste, after all. On the way back, inspiration strikes and I decide to go to the mall. Ayala Center. With the second day of Double Midnight Madness. Madness it was, indeed. Picked up a couple of books but no main goal (shoes). Oh well. I was able to get a copy of Irish Girls About Town (seemed like fun reading), replacement copy of Einstein's Dreams (lost mine), A Brief History of The Celts, and a box of postcards for 300 bucks (15 bucks each for really pretty cards, not bad). Oh well.

[Well actually, there's something. I feel like I'm being dragged deeper every day and I allow myself to be carried by the current, but I know that I'm setting myself up for a fall. But it's fun, this freefalling and not knowing. I'm weird like that. Cy told me to stay away from that particular crew. Sorry, Cy.]

Last Song Syndrome : L'Appuntamento from Ocean's Twelve

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