Thursday, March 24, 2005

maundy thursday musings

  • I don't wash other people's feet (figuratively) as often as I should. I believe I do my family's, but there is still always something more that can be done.
  • I have too many things. Objects. I think I find some form of comfort in these (e.g. when A and I broke up I went on a CD-binge, about 20 CDs in 2 weeks). I have to stop. I have countless books I still haven't read; and a ton of pDVDs I don't watch anymore. Today I'm going to try to purge some of the stuff. Let go and let God, probably!
  • If people don't need drugs medicinally, or for some form of escape, what do they need them for? How come some people cannot function without a fix? What if I were to try?
  • If I were to meet someone, I need a man, not (still) another boy.
  • I've started the filthy nicotine habit again. Stress, work-induced, as well as yet-another-little-boy-induced. Sigh.

    and now that i've started
    the purging, I've found one of my most beloved CDs, Sinead Lohan's No Mermaid. Nice music to declutter to.

    for the (yet-another) little boy
    Lift your head up out of your hands, love,
    I can't take you anywhere.
    Sometimes you give me all you've got to give me
    and sometimes you act like you don't care.

    - Don't I Know, Sinead Lohan

    Last Song Syndrome : Disillusioned - Sinead Lohan
    In agony we drew a circle with a stone.
    What's the colour of the raindance, I don't know.
    When it closes in, I know you'd rather be alone.
    In the day's disguise, night's howling at the moon.
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