Tuesday, February 08, 2005

texts, dermot, batteries and the chumscrubber

The other night, I was jolted out of my late-night-just-about-to-sleep reverie by a sudden text from Co-conspirator. We’re way past booty calls (or booty texts, for this matter), so I wondered what the ‘favor’ was. Apparently, CC the office lothario was looking for KP’s phone number because he ‘accidentally deleted it’. Puh-lease, how lame can you get? (Okay, benefit of the doubt.) KP was one of his first frustrated conquests in the office, although I know for a fact that they’re getting friendly now. I still gave him the number. I don’t know how KP will react to that but they’re both adults anyway, and reputation notwithstanding, I still think that CC is a nice enough guy to understand the word no, if ever. Who knows, maybe KP with her sassy, independent woman, devil-may-care attitude is just what he needs…

After that, I couldn’t seem to lull myself back to sleep. Thanks to that though, I caught Dermot in-which-backwoods-have-you-been-hiding Mulroney on Conan. Apparently, he and Debra Messing have a movie together called The Wedding Day. I then flip channels and land on AXN where, hehe, I catch the ending of My Best Friend’s Wedding. Dermot’s still yummy, even with the salt-and-pepper hair thing going. Still looks like Stallone, but who’s complaining.

I’m reading through what I’ve written and I’ve been hyphen-happy. Hee!


At Glorietta last weekend, PhotoWorld 2005 was underway. Browsed through various booths such as those for Kodak, Epson, Canon, and photographers such as Passion Photography and John Mateos Ong. The Apacer booth was particularly interesting because their 60X 512MB SD cards were selling for PhP3,000. Unfortunately they did not accept charge transactions so I’ll have to wait until (a) next payday or (b) sudden windfall from Factory jobs (still no word on that matter). I was able to get a 4-pack of 2300mAH rechargeable batteries for PhP348 only, though, and that made my trip a good one already. I remember the last time I scouted for 2100mAH batteries, a pair was about PhP400.


The Chumscrubber recently premiered at the Sundance film festival and I'm quite excited about it being shown over here. Billy Elliot's Jamie Bell plays a suburban kid taking on the craziness of suburbia, with a cast composed of (swoon) Jason Isaacs and Ralph Fiennes, Glenn Close, Richard Gleason, Allison Janney, Carrie-Anne Moss, Lauren Holly, Rita Wilson, John Heard, William Fichtner, and cute little Camilla Belle, in a film that tackles the "hypocrisy and muted subjects of our times", said the director in a post-screening interview, using comic book superheroes as an allegory. What fun.

Last Song Syndrome : Pippin's song for Denethor

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