Wednesday, February 16, 2005

celebrate life amidst acts of death

I'm glad I'm alive. I'm glad that no one in my immediate circle was in the vicinity of the Ayala-Edsa blast (don't know how close y_slaybelle was though), nor the GenSan and Davao bombings. I cannot imagine how those who lost their loved ones could feel. Unlike the Rizal Day bombing of 2000, I was nowhere near the area, as we were wary of the commercial district on Valentine's Day. When we got home, however, it was on the news, and I can't help but condemn groups like these, which make it their business to sow terror in the common tao without any notable or worthwhile (well at least not to us) goals.

However, in the midst of the shock, there was jubilation. The former boss, who now works in the Singapore office of StingyCo is finally pregnant, after trying for more than eight years. I remember everything about her life being so perfect except for that one aspect that she and her husband really wanted. Their prayers have finally been answered, thankfully. And then of course DaMike is turningthirty today, this huggable, moody-yet-lovable, action-figure-collecting good friend of mine. My wish for him is that he remains that strange blend of childlike and cynical; and that his lovelife will finally be sorted out.

Events like the bombing as well as Ms. R's answered prayers and turningthirty make you re-evaluate your faith, both in people and in your Higher Power. How can we be happy with a life about to burst forth when they will be entering a world with soulless bastards that bomb anonymously, killing husbands, wives, fathers, friends? But we are, because in the midst of despair, new birth always signifies hope.

[Congratulations, Ms. R. You will now be in my prayers often because a first pregnancy at 42 is quite difficult. Heck, stress nowadays contributes to difficult pregnancies at any age. But I'm sure that your exultation regarding this welcome news will more than make up for that. Here's to life!]

viva geneva
One officemate asked, "Kailan?" and then JP and I simultaneously burst into song: "Kailan, kailan mo ba mapapansin ang aking lihim?" Hahahaha! Viva la Smokey Mountain! The songs of our youth come back to haunt us at the strangest times.

Last Song Syndrome : Kailan - Smokey Mountain

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