Wednesday, February 02, 2005

how to lose a guy in...

about five weeks ago:
SlimyGuy#2: (through text and IM) hey, let's meet up soon, see a movie or something, and let's see what happens after that...
Ri: sure, but i'm really quite busy, maybe next week?

about four weeks ago:
SG2: well, what about our plans?
Ri: maybe next week, i'm really swamped, Christmas season and all...

about three weeks ago:
a YM conversation
SG2: so how are you na? what have you been up to?
Ri: work, lots of work, freelancing, the like... i haven't been going out
SG2: what about the lovelife? aren't you seeing anyone?
Ri: don't really need a relationship or commitment right now, so i'm not actively looking.
SG2: got a point there. so when are we going out?!
Ri: sometime soon, just text me.
( pointless chat banter )
Ri: by the way, i'm so fat right now. as in.
SG2: oh, really?

since then until now:
SG2: (hasn't texted or chatted)

I can only say this: Mwahahahahaha! At least I've gotten rid of him. How obvious naman. Well, obviously, it's not my loss. Heehee!

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