Tuesday, December 11, 2007

to Dust thou shalt return?

Inquirer reader warns against The Golden Compass

I agree, the books should probably be PG, especially for really young yet inquiring minds. Granted, I read The Golden Compass when I was 18. It was an enthralling read, if not for the adventure but the whole concept of Dust, metaphoric for innocence and comparable perhaps to Jedis' midichlorians, intrigued me. The second and third installments though, much like the Matrix series, only served to disappoint.

I did not lose any of my faith by reading this book. Yet my faith is not strong--it has waivered and sometimes waivers until now. But I guess the tenets are too ingrained in me that something like this, or the Da Vinci Code comes up and I am entertained but not ready to renounce the wonderful guilt-ridden world of Catholicism.

But the movie looks very polished and good. And its website is fun!

Head over to The Golden Compass official site and take the daemon quiz--which is basically Myers-Briggs only the results are in daemon form. Here's mine:


ETA: That's what I get for posting when I'm half-asleep... I originally posted "to Dust though shalt return"... err? What the heck?!

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