Monday, December 10, 2007

a post a day

Am going to try to discipline myself into doing a post a day. I have to get started writing again if I am going to write the great Filipino Gen-X coming of age novel. Or that other one I'm toying around with. In any case, today's post is:

a siegel sighting

Dropped by PowerPlant before going home to pick up some stuff. I figure it would be easier to take a cab from there rather than Glorietta, this being the height of Christmas shopping (even if it is a Monday). I was right, of course. I had to take the jeep--the jeep ride to PowerPlant costing P8, part of which is my former route to the rented place in Brgy Valenzuela. Wasn't that bad--at least it wasn't raining. Or in the heat of summer.

Anyway, saw one of the Siegel siblings. Well, saw a tall beanstalk of a guy at the Nokia store across from True Value. Then he turns and I'm like, this guy is totally familiar. Well, even if I haven't followed the PBA in about ten years. He's the cuter brother, I believe, so that makes it... Danny? Hee. I wouldn't know. I don't think I can tell them apart. The SO would know, I'm sure.

The trip was not very fruitful, though. The two items I was searching for were not available--a single plug with a switch (for the Christmas lights) and a single RCA to earphone switch. At least I was able to buy baking soda. And Cheese Clover Chips--can you believe Cash and Carry didn't have them?

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