Monday, December 03, 2007

nakakatuwang journalist, and the pen is back

ABS-CBN reporter (I forget who, Pinky Webb, Ces Drilon or Charo Logarta), who was walking with Trillanes to Manila Pen: "I can't believe it! The streets are clean! Usually it's rush hour at this time! There's no traffic!" Anchor back at the studio heartily agrees.

Errr, guys... hate to burst your awestruck bubble, but if I were a motorist along Makati Ave at that time, seeing men clad in army fatigues brandishing heavy firearms on the streets in front of me, I wouldn't move my car an inch. No. Frickin'. Way.

Apparently your aerial shots missed the traffic buildup caused by this, as Jane mentions in her blog.


At least, the Pen is back. I haven't read any news about whether they plan to sue... Trillanes? Yes, add a civil suit to his counts of rebellion and other felony charges, why not?


Sige. No more comments about Trillanes except--what was he thinking?


Read about G's "gah!" moment, the one about the Park N Shop plastic bags. I reckon if that was implemented here, Pinoy shoppers would also raise a terrible hue and cry about it, especially since the plastic bags double as trash bags, multipurpose bags and what-not. It's a step in the right direction, but maybe a little change management could have been had--maybe something in parallel first (the rebate for non-plastic users but free plastic bags still for those who ask)? Yes, additional work, but then, saving the environment wouldn't be easy, or else it would be done by now.

Last Song Syndrome : Amber - 311 (watched 50 First Dates again!)

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