Wednesday, February 28, 2007

why i need furniture

Am selling a lot of old magazines, cameras and other stuff because of this and two other similar piles:

Selling would reduce the mess and at the same time finance the acquisition of new furniture. My old stuff were either water-damaged or too big... Granted, I only had three actual pieces of furniture before: a long worktable from my dad's old office, a bookshelf from SM, and a divider for my bed from the "sitting area" which was about 5 feet wide. The divider is too big for the new room and the airy feeling I want to accomplish. The worktable (which was a nice, functional piece) and the bookshelf were waterlogged (the bookshelf actually sprouted mushrooms!) because the last few weeks before we moved out, the gutter at the side of my room gave way and we didn't want to fix it anymore before moving out, so the furniture was ruined. Rather, we allowed them to go to ruin. I wish I had a picture of the mushrooms.

I searched high and low for a slim and simple computer table which could also serve as storage. Most that I saw were at least 50cm deep. My space can only accommodate something that's 38cm deep (thankfully, I was able to get a good LCD monitor on the cheap). So, I had trusty Mang Hesus (Jesus, the carpenter. Hah!) who used to work in a furniture shop put this together for me. Not bad at all.
The slim computer table

I'm finding that having stuff made is not necessarily cheaper, but at least
This computer table though was made from scraps of a closet that we are no longer using, so total expenses here amount to about P500, including paint and handles. Not bad at all. And recycling is good.

To-do: Find an slim armoire for le TV. If Evangelista will not yield any significant finds on Saturday, then have Mang Hesus make one.

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jenny said...

i think we have the same hp all-purpose printer. hehe.. i share your sentiment, my room looks like a bodega. haha.. if you have some scrapbooking "manuals", i might be interested. ;)