Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New beginnings

All things drape-y and swooshy
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It's high time to start blogging again. The house is almost done, the wedding preparations are on hold, things are getting quite hectic over at the Hub again. Generally, it's a good time for catharsis, if only through photoblogs.

New beginnings are in order, and new curtains. The picture above is of the fabrics of choice for my Swedish-inspired, sky-themed bedroom. Yes, I have a blue bedroom. I think I've had enough of pastels after having a pink bedroom for about 20 years.

I made a rash decision a few years ago when I decided to paint my bedroom blue when I was in a funk--I only tried the neighborhood paint store, and then, I didn't test it either. The result was a shiny light blue which one of my officemates said was similar to the color of boys' bathroom at his high school. That was fun. I lived with that freakishly shiny blue for about two years. Now, the old bedroom/studio apartment is being converted into a shed of sorts, and some walls still retain the old paint. I cringe, honestly.

This time, I tried out various shades of blue from those computer-mixing stores, but I ended up with a pale blue-gray mixed up by the house painter the father-unit hired. It's really quite serene now, the only problem is, I just really feel like sleeping most of the time when I'm in my room.

So I end my first blog in eons talking about sleeping. Hee. Welcome me back!!!

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