Thursday, February 22, 2007

oh what a beautiful morning

I am expired. Hey.

Rather, my LAN account at work is. I am currently using my co-worker's account on my PC, which, unfortunately, means that all settings are awry and I can't use all the basic Microsoft Office stuff without re-installing everything. And what a waste of time that is. So, while waiting for LAN boys to fix it, this be blogging as a result of that. Illegally.

But there was a good start to the morning: the neighbor across the street was either playing the piano or playing a classical music CD (errr I couldn't say which it was) at 5:30am. But then I had been awake for a full 45 minutes before that. It was nice to have that first thing in the morning, actually.

And then while having breakfast, I flip through the channels, and not wanting to hear anything more about Anna Nicole Smith on the delayed Top 10, I chanced upon Myx Live which featured one of the bands that was played a huge role in my upbringing, Asin. It was a joy to see Lolita Carbon and Pendong Aban performing, although I only caught the middle of Himig ng Pag-ibig, then Balita and Ang Mahalaga before the show ended. Bravo Myx for that feature. I think that even when I'm older I will cherish the haunting strains of Carbon's voice, the stable tone of Aban's, and the legacy of Saro Banares.

And then, this is what I did last night for Maleen:
Verna's birthday postcard, study 1
Verna's bday postcard, study 1

Verna's birthday postcard, study 2
Verna's bday postcard, study 2

Last Song Syndrome : Peggy Gordon - The Corrs (the Home album has been playing often in my room these days)

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