Wednesday, July 20, 2005

sick again

Sir Nick had ominous words during my going-away dinner at Zong a few weeks ago: "take care of your health." I thought that was a jibe at my constant sick leaves (which was to take care of my employment requirements at GeeksForHire). Well now it seems it was some sort of hex. I've been sick a whole lot more often now compared to before. Oh well. I hope it's not true that sickness is a manifestation of ill feelings and suppressed desires or rage. I think I like my work now, I'm happy with the SO... if anything it would probably be caused by stuff at the homefront. Oh well. I'm not well.

Listening to : Putumayo - Celtic Tides


ryanne said...

get well soon geeky girl!=)

Jennie said...

get well, soon ri. :)

Ri said...

Mwahahahaha... thanks, you guys for the kind thoughts. Still feeling sick but feeling much better. :)