Sunday, July 24, 2005

one day in hp

Because the SO was meeting his friend at said friend's condo along Vito Cruz, we found ourselves at Harrison Plaza. I haven't been to this place in ages; the last two times were just at the Village Square's Seattle's Best (with Bespren J while she was studying for the US boards, and with G! on his birthday two years ago (has it been just two years?!) when I had just broken up with the SO and C!&G! were just starting to get together).

Is a fun and funky place... where else can you find a tattoo booth right beside Rustan's, people getting away with smoking inside the mall, a good-sized chapel, an SM Light Shop with a myriad of lightbulbs on display, tons of bargain/surplus stores, little tiangges sprouting everywhere, dibidi-dibidi stores and an off-track betting site? You go, HP!

Was able to scour Booksale and bought home decor magazines (Maleen's and my current passion) and a Simple Wicca book (was pretty, and, well, Wicca). There's also something to be said about the Rustan's in HP which stocks more pedestrian garb than the other branches. And of course, there's SM. 'Nuff said.

bye bye little boy
Zeester#2 found a better home for Dallas. He was causing the mother-unit's asthma attacks, so he had to go. It was sad, after being attached to the little guy for more than a month despite declaring that his only use was being cute. Any suggestions for a cute, small, but short-haired dog with a good temperament? We don't like mini-pins nor chihuahuas. Do Jack Russells have good temperaments?

the other little boy
Wasn't sure if it was a Freudian slip but I was talking to the SO about G!, but I ended up saying the little boy's name. SO was on my case for a whole minute. And then, well, no more. He's great like that, although sometimes I wonder if it's percolating somewhere within, just waiting to blow. Anyway, about the little boy, I read this testimonial that he wrote on friendster about this girl, and he reused the parting words on my testimonial for him! Haha!

Last Song Syndrome : Across the Universe - Fiona Apple (thanks boi_bitch!)


G! said...

my god. it has been two years. and the last time i was there was at seattle's best ;)

boi_bitch said...

no problemo. :)

Zane said...

ri =)

jack russell's are too cute and very intelligent. malambing din!

but since they are quite intelligent, they tend to get restless and want to play or be doing something most of the time.

go for a jack russell! they don't look too sossy, either.

or a pug?