Sunday, July 10, 2005


The supposed "comebank" post was a week early. I just really had to greet the Ger-ber on this medium because of the, um, shared history (heh!). I've been told to stop and smell the blogs, er, roses every once in a while, so here this is. I haven't been able to go online for ages, but I'm going to try to do so more often.

Things I did while on blogging hiatus:
  • Started actually working for GeeksForHire. Imbibed some of the culture (it's easier to imbibe denim Fridays than, say, having to log all your hours for your billable work).
  • Actually attended a training thingy, within one month of being with the company (which was actually equivalent to the training I attended with StingyCo in four years).
  • Looked for freelance work. Failed. Still looking.
  • Adjusted to twice-a-month salary payouts. Is actually quite convenient. Of course it helps that the salary is also relatively higher. Am still earning less than USD1,000 a month though. Grrr!
  • Had our househelp (who happened to be gay) up and leave us, stealing the life savings of his fellow househelp, her jewelry, bags, my cousin's expensive shirts, and a whole lot of my dad's shirts and pants. Seems he was also planning dognap Dallas (huh!). It wasn't nice because some people in the vicinity made prejudicial comments regarding the third sex and I thought it wasn't fair. However, I do abhor what he did. After we trusted him (well, sort of).
  • Bought a Rottweiler (actually half, she's shared with the SO). Her name is Heart. Hee!
  • Tried to be more understanding of the SO, and I think I succeeded. Although I'd have to ask him.
  • Was glad to be back in the loop now that the work email can receive YahooGroups mail. Yay!
  • Made a complete and utter mess of my room. It's easier to do that when you have a sister-roommate who has five times as many shoes and bags as you do. I've had to cram all my stuff into half of what was once my room. Hayy!
  • Got the old Duron up with the help of the SO. At least zeester#2 will have a workable PC for school stuff (and not bother us for the laptop, heh).
  • Looked for a contractor for the house that would give us what we wanted for the demolition and rebuilding within our budget. No luck. UncleArchitect's detailed plans were apparently too detailed and very expensive. We're looking into just giving the contractor the floor plans and do as you wish within x.xM pesos.
  • Gained weight. Just a hypothesis but with all the eating out (hazards of being in a relationship) and with all the fricking food at GeekForHire (it's worse than StingyCo! everyone has food!)...
  • Speaking of the hazards of being in a relationship... watched roughly a movie a week since getting back together. In one weekend we watched both Hitchhiker's Guide and Sin City. Interesting.
  • Saw papa Neil Gaiman at PowerPlant. Just yesterday. Sigh... Actually was a star-studded day at PowerPlant (saw John Estrada, Brad Turvey), but papa Neil and Jojo Lastimosa in one day...?! Just wonderful.
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