Thursday, April 01, 2004

the x factor

Humor me...

1.Name one of your ex-boyfriends
Ziggy (hehe)

2.Why did you break up?
I really don't know. It was after his father died and he said he couldn't go on.

3.Who called it quits?

4. What would be your break up song for him/her?
White Flag by Dido

5. Of all your ex's, who did you love the most?
At the time I was with each of them, I was totally in love. So all the same, totally. But only one "lingered"... ;p

6. Do you regret what happened?
Of course not. I think I became a better person because of each.

7. If there would be a chance that you will be together again, would you still say yes?
Most probably. (Uy hoping pa yata!)

8. Are you still hoping that he/she will get back?
How can I say yes without seeming desperate? Haha! Seriously though, I may be hoping but we seem to have grown too far apart.

9. Do you think he/she hates you?
No. Can't say we're good friends, though.

10. Do you think he/she has moved on

11. What did you do after the relationship ended?
Walked all the way to A's house and cried. Then made a fool of myself--roughly lasted three years until I got knocked to my senses. I'm still recovering, actually.

12. do you hate him/her?
No, I never could.

13. Do you still communicate?

14. What would you tell him/her if you guys crossed paths?
"How have you been?"

15.Do you ever regret loving her/him?
Never did, never will.

16. Does he make you cry when you're still together?
Aak, I wouldn't humiliate myself so!

17. What was the most unforgettable WORDS/STATEMENT he/she told you?
"I have these feelings for you..." complete with sheepish grin
"Thank you for making my life complicated."

18. If youre gonna die tomorrow, what will you say to your ex?
Ay sus! Baka maiyak ako dito!!!

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