Monday, April 26, 2004

ang mamatay ng dahil sayo

Paid homage to the Philippine flag and stood to the Philippine national anthem twice this weekend.

the island fortress
Maybe Corregidor can be likened to Helm's Deep--symbol a desperate defense in a forsaken land. It seemed that way during that battle in 1941-1942, I guess, when Japan's Gen. Homa stormed the Philippines, and Bataan and then the vaunted island fortress Corregidor both fell to the marauding Japanese.

We visited Corregidor for our company outing last Sunday. The ferry ride was smooth--heaven-sent for me, the perenially motion-sick. While touring the island though, the heat was oppressive; the last few tour stops we deigned to alight from the tour bus because of sheer heat fatigue. My "wards" on tranvia #1 were all quite cranky come lunch time. Oh well.

I was able to snap up a few shots though:

CannonLighthouse and Directions

It was a first for me, having been outside the Philippines quite a number of times but never having seen Corregidor (nor Bohol, nor Vigan). It made me promise myself that I should visit various parts of the country before having my passport stamped again.

graduation day
My sister has graduated with second honors from the Ateneo de Manila College of Law. Sounds imposing. You bet she knows it. I don't know, maybe I'm really biased, but in the atmosphere at the graduation there was a distinct weight of haughtiness. Oh well. All you Arreneow dudes can kill me now. (And I haven't begun on the idea of hubris yet!)

I finally saw the distinguished Fr. Bernas in person (even took his picture with Nins) though; he read the honor graduates' names with what sounded like a tinge of a Brooklyn accent.

Dinner was had at Chateau 1771 at the nearby El Pueblo for convenience. I had to entertain the titos and the titas for around an hour and a half because most of them (so un-Filipino) arrived on time. I think a good time was had by all.

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