Thursday, April 22, 2004

Bespren J's birthday gift

She and I became the same age again a couple of weeks ago. Dropped by their house; she didn't have a party this year because she lost her phone and spent most of her extra money buying a new one. Anyway I got her the following in a gift bag for her birthday:
  • a couple of bottles of Ruby Red grapefruit Snapple - memories of the time that we went around all the Starbucks and Ministops in the Ayala area looking for this, which no one had on stock.
  • watermelon and apple lip balms
  • Running in Heels by Anna Maxted
  • two CDs I put together, see below

Bespren J's Mixed CD 1 - "Up"
1. Come on Eileen
2. I Say A Little Prayer
3. Walking Down Your Street
4. This Kiss
5. Don't Tell Me
6. Can't Fight the Moonlight
7. Because the Night
8. The World is New
9. Runaway
10. Roam
11. When I Grow Up
12. Celebrity Skin
13. I Want You to Want Me
14. Look at Me
15. Searching My Soul
16. Not That Kind
17. Let's Get Loud
18. Overload
19. Whoops Now

Mixed CD 2 - "Down"
1. Old Friends
2. Rainy Days and Mondays
3. I Just Don't Know What to Do With Mysel
4. Jealous
5. I Only Want to Be With You
6. Neighborhood
7. Lose Your Way
8. Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow
9. Forgiven Not Forgotten
10. Shakespeare in Love
11. Power of Goodbye
12. You Don't Know Me
13. Remember Me This Way
14. Hands
15. Don't Know Why
16. 32 Flavors
17. Stranded
18. Rain
19. Landslide
20. Not In This Life

Am quite pleased with myself about the "Up" and "Down" thing. I couldn't decide if it was going to be fast-paced (well maybe driving music) or sentimental so I did both. My favorite song on either disc is Not In This Life, of course. Hasn't told me if she likes them, though.

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