Tuesday, March 20, 2007

happy birthday, jenny

It's The Obnoxious Levin's birthday today.

Check out the collage I made for her here. This was done while being (1) irritated with an episode of Sana Maulit Muli where Kim Chiu is crying althroughout and (2) irritated during Maging Sino Ka Man with the "dramatic pause" effect when Eli (aka John Lloyd Cruz) decides to accompany his forced bride Jackie (aka Bea Alonzo) on the vacation with her cousin Celine (aka Anne Curtis). I mean, honestly, would you be standing there staring at each other for the whole of two minutes?!?! Grrr. These writers.

Speaking of the Eli Roxas character, it's just funny because when I was in high school, my best guy friend was Mike Roxas and his best friend was Eli Santos. Haha. I know, I think of the strangest things.


Mec said...

kaya sis... watch National geographic na lang kesa the telenovelas :)

The Cookies said...

aw.. just saw this today.. *touched!* thanks, ri! ;)