Tuesday, March 13, 2007

adventures of the new dallas

adventures of the new dallas

Another addition to the clan. Meet Dallas, ver2.
Dallas v2

The future bro-in-law got it for zeester#2 after a fight. He's mahogany/black/white, unlike old Dallas (Dallas version 1) who was, rather is, tan/black/white. Dallas v2 comes from a line of champions. Hee. Not like we're going to show him or anything.

We've had him for almost a week now. The parentals don't know a thing about it since they had already left for the province when he arrived. Now that they're coming back, zeester#2 has to find a way to keep the father-unit from tripping all over him (as the doggie is constantly nipping at someone's feet), and to keep the mother-unit from developing asthma.

Dallas v2 thinks Otto is his mom. The Yorkie, meanwhile, is warily eyeing him, sometimes he rams into the new arrival (poor puppy) and one time, Otto actually jumped over Dallas! Haha.
kids at play

For those who can remember, this is Dallas, ver1. Dallas, by the way, is the FBIL's favorite NBA team.
Dallas 1

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