Friday, April 29, 2005


First, the real one. Former Philvolcs chief and current PNRC governor Punongbayan was killed when the helicopter he was riding crashed. Most everyone else on the chopper also perished, including people I think were close to my aunt, former executive secretary for the Red Cross. It's sad when people die in war, and even worse when people die in projects such as this, as they were on their way to survey sites for the Red Cross when the craft crashed in Nueva Ecija. God rest their souls.

Now, for the more flippant side... Unfortunately for millions of gurls, smoldering idol Constantine Maroulis has been booted out of American Idol. Sorry Bespren D and Appleby. Nins and I really thought that Scott would go. And then when it was down to Anthony the Wonderboy and Constantine, I really thought A-Fed would go. But it was Constantine. Where were his legions of fans? Did they get tired of voting? We were really hoping for a Bo-Con showdown in the final two (hihgly unlikely but we could dream). No matter, I believe that Constantine will enjoy his moment of fame--further fame, post-Idol. Just hope it doesn't disappoint like Tamyra Gray's career. That girl could still go places, though.

Things are not yet back to normal. I haven't caught up on other people's blogs. Just dropped by Fast Fingers to see what was up. G-boy's Fables 3 and 4 are also with me, but I haven't had time to finish them (of course I already read 3-Storybook Love, because Snow and Bigby are gonna get it on! haha!). IntlConsultingFirm and I are locked in negotations and it looks pretty favorable... a 25% increase for a lateral move with opportunities for travel looks good indeed. No overtime pay, though. Ha! Will be in seclusion for the next few days because I have an exam coming up on May 9. If all goes well, this might be my last exam for the industry org--because I'd then be shifting industries. Oh well. Who knows? Fingers crossed.

Last Song Syndrome : How You Remind Me - Constantine Maroulis

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