Friday, July 20, 2007

just like the good old days

Acute tonsillo-pharyngitis. Three days of sick leave. Sigh. Am not happy. But I really could not go to work, was too weak. Was easier back in StingyCo when unused sick leaves were not convertible to cash. Hate that I am always susceptible to this sickness. I wonder if there's a psychological or mystical reason for this.

On the StingyCo front: of the original group of eight friends there, only Lorny remains steadfast. I've just found out that Mr. and Mrs. DJ and Mama Leah have also filed their respective resignations. I was the first one to leave. It's sad, this. I hope we can stay in touch. Of the Samahang Kyut, our department as of mid-2004, only four "originals" other than Small Big Boss remain. Unfortunately, our former company can't seem to curb the high turnover. Ah, but that's their problem, not mine.

Last Song Syndrome :


Sunshine said...

i hope you're feeling much better.
if it's any consolation, i'm also on sick leave for almost 2 weeks due to an appendectomy (and 1 month before my wedding!)

take care!

takejiro said...

i hope you're well now :)
just dropping by