Thursday, November 11, 2004

on user docs, hot mamas, ratios and airports

I am currently preparing user documentation for a training session this Saturday. This is one of the most boring tasks in my entire job description here at StingyCo. Granted, I've been used to preparing reference materials when I was teaching, but this is different. I can't inject any humor, and I have to follow a certain template. It's almost mechanical, if I didn't have to think about the various fields. My job isn't particularly enjoyable as it is, and this is one of the least likable aspects. Oh well. Compensation has to come from somewhere...

Hot Mama Anj has given birth to her third supling, Anthony, named after her father. Of course, from her picture a days after giving birth, it looks like she's much thinner than me again. Feh. I'm fatter than a mother of three. I'm looking forward to going to Bacolod to be with her, maybe if they push through with moving the November 30 holiday to November 29.

Anj, Del, Bespren J and I have been through a lot together, since second year high school. Bespren J and I were old friends, since third grade, but during freshman year I was much closer to Bads, May, Lene (+) and Gail. I went through a whole pop-kid phase and I even wrote Bespren M a letter telling her that we weren't best friends so she should stop thinking that. What a biatch. And then, out of nowhere, Bads joined up with the real "power" group, May, Lene and Gail booted me out, and I sought comfort in Char's friendship, which was then miscontrued as a lesbian relationship (!). [Apparently, my relationships -imagined, by others- were grist for the rumor mill, including that one with Char, and another with our NatSci teacher.] On the first day of class of sophomore year, I didn't even know where to go for lunch. I think it was Anj and Bespren J who asked me where I was eating (or something) and the rest was history.

Through the years we realized we were usually in a ratio of 2:2. For example, Bespren J and Anj were the varsity players; while Del and I were the writers. Anj and Del used the St. Michael socks with the heart design, while Bespren J and I used the socks with the little parallel lines. Two of us would get singkamas with bagoong from outside gate 6, while the other two would get mangga. Hence, we called our barkada (clique) Ratio, to set ourselves apart from Fuji, or the Circle of 26, or even Rubber Band. Whether it was a ratio of 2:2 or 3:1, we were Ratio. We became each others' confidantes, sounding boards, bridesmaids, kumares.

It continues--Anj and Del are now married, while Bespren J and I are boyfriendless. (Shite.) Anj, however, is the only one with kids, and it seems that she's having enough kids for all of us. Last time I met up with her at her parents' house, I was the one who got tired for her--7 months pregnant and taking care of two toddlers. Beautiful children, though. So there. Del has to have kids to make it a ratio. Unfortunately for little Anthony though, Bespren J and I are already godmothers to Wills, Anj's eldest, while Del is godmother to her second, pretty Justine. No more Ratio godmother for him. We'll surely smother him with kisses, though. Teehee. These are good friends, these friends I've kept. Together with Bespren M, Bespren D, the Gelpren, and Piaya, these are my support group, a family away from family.

distort the airport
At the Centennial airport, while waiting to board. Waiting at airports while pumped with Bonamine makes you think strange things.


Birthday good-vibes to gamhanan. Have a great one!

Last Song Syndrome : Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying - Bob Marley

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