Thursday, November 18, 2004

announcing ali

Bespren D will be giving birth to little Ali (short for Alejandro) sometime in late January. The Glider girls had a baby shower for her last Sunday. Amidst the booties, receiving blankets, and other baby paraphernalia, there was also a "surprise" from the AlphaDog (Mr. D), because he's in the US right now far away from gestating D. He had me buy flowers for her, and then we set up an internet chat, despite the fact that it was early morning in NY.

The expectant mother was teary-eyed and all; and it didn't help that she got a call to go to work on a Sunday evening. Feck. Oh well.


I broke a little Ugu Bigyan urn over at Tita X's during the baby shower, clumsy me. Of course, before that, I stepped on Tita X's well-manicured and exposed-in-tsinelas toes. I felt like such an oaf (and being overweight did not help). Fie upon me! Now I have to find a little Ugu Bigyan urn/vase to replace it. Help?


Not schadenfreude:
One of our officemates died of lung cancer early this morning. She was 39. Thirty-nine freaking years old! It's absolutely sad, because she just gave birth to a little boy. Actually she was diagnosed with the cancer during her last trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes things just really suck. And you wonder how there can be a silver lining for something like this.


Happy Birthday, magnifique_f8h!

Last Song Syndrome : You Make Me Wanna... - Usher

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