Thursday, January 10, 2008


I don't know. It's not that I forgot to blog. I just deemed it more important to meet up with the besprens, fix my room, host a couple of parties, play God--or rather, Abraham Lincoln, finish Burger Shop, make both paper and digital scrap pages, answer Heroes trivia questions, start planning a wedding, and generally preoccupy myself with anything and everything other than blogging.

But blogging always has been a true love, and here I come, the proverbial prodigal son (daughter), back in the arms of one of my great passions. I recently re-read some old blog posts and reminisced. Hee. I'm getting old.

Goodness, it's almost 9am, and I haven't done anything that passes as work yet. And I'm supposed to have been here since 7.30am. Ah, blogging--beloved child of procrastination. Hahahaha.

Here's a little more catching up, and there will be more in the weeks to come:

What's this, a meme? I haven't done one in the longest time!
Last Cigarette: a while ago
Last Alcoholic Drink: a sip of wine, last weekend with the mahjongg buddies
Last Car Ride: this morning, with the father-unit
Last Kiss: on the cheek, this morning with the father-unit. elsewhere, last weekend with the SO, hee
Last Good Cry: last Thursday
Last Library Book: I can't remember! But I do remember sneaking out a copy of Days of Disquiet, Nights of Rage in high school, my radical days. I think in college, the last book would have been related to class, or a thesis. It was the start of disillusionment and the death of my radical idealism.
Last book bought: The Ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories by Susanna Clarke
Last Book Read: complete? Knife of Dreams (it's been so long); meanwhile, on my reading list are Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Gates of Fire (viva Thermopylae) and the Dragonlance War of Souls trilogy
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Beowulf
Last Movie Rented pDVD: Atonement, bravo! before that I rewatched the wall of abs scenes from 300... hee!
Last Beverage Drank: water
Last Food Consumed: bacon
Last Crush: Will Yun Lee! yay to C/S for airing Thief and Bionic Woman at the same time!
Last Phone Call: client JP, always an early bird
Last TV Show Watched: on TV: Umagang Kay Ganda; on pDVD: How I Met Your Mother, whee!
Last Time Showered: this morning
Last Shoes Worn: the Rockport slip-ons
Last CD Played: Putumayo presents Nuevo Latino
Last Item Bought: candy
Last Download: Peppermint Creative free digiscrap kit
Last Obsession: Seattle's Best holiday giveaway 2007 (one more sticker to go!)
Last Annoyance: bumpy roads in the metro (caused mostly by coffee spillage in the car)
Last Disappointment: at myself, for not knowing what I want
Last Soda Drank: Mountain Dew
Last Thing Written: this blog post?
Last Key Used: car
Last Words Spoken: that should be enough
Last Sleep: 4 hours
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Arce Strawberry
Last Chair Sat In: office chair
Last Webpage Visited: err… Blogger? Which is why this is here? But seriously… and

Last Song Syndrome : "I'll be loving yoouu... forever..." (dont' ask)


Princess Cookie back in SG said...

Interesting blog entry! :) I'll try this when I feel like procratinating, too. Hehehe..

Jennie said...

Hello, Ri! :) how are you? haven't been blogging here in a while (mostly cross posting from multiply), so i haven't bloghopped as much as i have. hope everything's okay on your end.

eheheh... your lss brought back a looot of memories from HS. ^_^