Monday, October 29, 2007

not funny

My new jacket crown is in place, but the dentist bills have run into the five digits. No laughing matter. Remind me never to delay dentist visits or ignore a toothache again.


For every step pointing towards an accidental explosion at the Glorietta blast, there are experts still saying not to discount the terror angle. Where is this going?


Executive clemency. Presidential pardon.


Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition.


Caught a scene in That's My Doc (?) where Angel Locsin runs after Bayani Agbayani with a two-by-two. When he returns to speak with Aga Muhlach, he looks unhurt, until he speaks and then (fake) blood spurts out of his mouth. When did this become humorous? This fails to amuse me, horribly. Please watch what your kids are watching.

Last Song Syndrome : How To Save A Life - The Fray


takejiro said...

Magastos ang magskip ng dental appointments! It took me years to learn that lesson. Now, I always rush to the clinic whenever I get a toothache. Kung may insurance...gamitin!

Sunshine said...

hi ri! thanks for your comment.

yes, i'm very much interested. pls do email me. are you also selling your marvel 1602? :) hehe