Tuesday, November 08, 2005

turning thirty

Turning thirty only happens once in a person's life (given, of course, that one never lies about one's age). A milestone, it seems one has to suddenly become more mature, and think about babies and retirement plans. At thirty, I am still unmarried, not yet at managerial level, and retaining quite a large amount of body fat. I am also less impetuous, more pensive, and more easily drawn to mirth than myself in previous times. I am a little more friendly, a little less shy, and a little more empathetic. I have let go of a lot of hurt, I have let in a lot of love. I am still striving to be less ill-tempered, less snappy, more considerate, and more pious. I know that I have a long way to go.

My thirtieth birthday was uneventful, peaceful, filled with contentment. Since last year when I started celebrating my birthday with small gatherings of close friends, it's been stress-free and less tiring. Previous birthdays saw scores of people, up to seventy or eighty, cramped in my pad and the garage, partying 'til 3am. Those friends that filled those spaces are now mostly just old friends and acquaintances, relics from a past life where the music was loud and the beer was overflowing.

Now the music is more restrained, my friends have to leave early to be with their children, and there is no alcohol. This year I had twenty people, including my sisters and their boyfriends, some Glider friends, the SO's two closest friends and their fiancees. Since we're supposed to be saving up, I decided not to spend the usual five figures and decided to go North Park. I'm glad that it seemed that for my friends where I treated them or how much I would spend--I'm just glad that they granted me the pleasure of their company for the evening. Those absent were especially missed.

One thing though, about me and my friends: we love giving gifts, even just little tokens of friendship and affection. Receiving is also quite fun. Bespren D gave me a set of very fragrant candles (the better to banish the smoky smell in the bathroom after a nicotine encounter); Mands provided a beautiful pair of earrings; Gelpren and her boypren gave me a Spoofs shirt proclaiming "The Amazing Face". Hee. Maleen, Rea and JP gave me the CD that I wanted, The Corrs' Home (yes, inspired by old Irish folk songs, as if all my Celtic-inspired CDs weren't enough). DaMike recalled an old blog post wherein I mentioned that Aquaman in the new Justice League series was quite smokin': I received an Aquaman doll (is not an action figure because it is not pose-able, is it not?). [I also left with the knowledge that my mint-condition Two Towers Legolas 6" action figure was now worth P1,200.] Bespren M, who was all the way in Adelaide (and ! now in Sydney), sent over very very cute lingerie: twas a bit early for a bridal shower, but it was not very racy, after all (thanks, M!). Among other things received were a pashmina shawl from Jhon and Beanne, a pouch and two more pairs of funky earrings from the SO's friends, a funky necklace from Vicky's merchandise, a picture frame from Edoods and Jenny, and food from the zeesters--a Sugarhouse cake and a Chili's gift cheque. The parental units gave me cash with specific instructions to buy a watch.

But I reckon the best gift I received came a few weeks ago, when I mentioned to the mother-unit what if we couldn't afford an extravagant wedding at a hotel and everything. Immediately she answers, "I don't mind if you get married just in front of a judge!" and then thinks a minute and suddenly takes it back: "Ay no, you have to get married in church." But the implication was there, and I hope that she's true to her word. Suddenly it felt as if a great weight were lifted and maybe, just maybe, things will turn out alright.

Last Song Syndrome : Crazy for You - M.Y.M.P. live on MUP


sarah said...

belated, ri! =)

Sunshine said...

hi ri, belated happy birthday! just went online today after 30 days of no internet. whew. anyway, hope it was a happy one :)

Sunshine said...

teka, ngayon ko lang nabasa ng maayos, you're getting married na?! :)