Tuesday, September 06, 2005

silent all these weeks


Typing stuff that isn't email, or test scripts--it's a joy. This is the first time in three weeks that I've been able to blog. I've been able to email, and I've surfed, but I couldn't find the time to sit down and create a blog entry. It's nice to be in the blogging world, if only for the meantime.

You see, today is probably the only respite that I'm getting from the hoopla that is User Acceptance Testing at GeeksForHire. Users in the foreign office are testing the finished product and we are providing the support. Unfortunately, this means late nights, some overnights, and weekend work. So there, I'm glad to be home in front of the PC on a Tuesday evening. This, after logging 80 hours of overtime on a fortnight. That used to be my record for a month at StingyCo. And to think that time, my salary just about doubled. For this I get a measly allowance and the hope of a project bonus. Well.

6610 is gone. I sold it in a fit because of intermittent signal loss. I still got 3,500 for it, not bad. Bought some pDVDs and stuff at Book Sale. Now the SO and I are going to try out those dual SIM packets that are must smaller and lightweight than the old variants.

Lost is done. The heck with that season ender! When does it start again?! Hee. House MD is proving quite entertaining. Nins is viewing the first season of Gilmore Girls and I think she kinda likes it. I don't have any affection for it, though.

Finally, the transfer. We moved too slow on the nice place nearby and it was snatched up by the owner's friend. Instead, we found a place along Pililia near the Makati LTO. The father-unit was able to haggle and we're getting it for a reasonable price, and without the 1-year requisite terms. So if the house is done in 8 months (the target is 6 months), we can terminate the lease straightaway. We're psyched because there's a two-car garage, one really big masters bedroom and two regular sized bedrooms, a mini-garden when we can place the dogs, and a good-sized maids room. My friend said it's a steal for the price, especially since the owners are going to repaint (not just repair and clean), and refinish some stuff. Can't wait to move in. Because of the incessant rain and the roof being beyong Vulca Seal salvation (and of course, us not wanting to spend any more on what's going to be torn down in two weeks), there are mushrooms sprouting in my room. You have to see them to believe it.

Last Song Syndrome : Shoebox - Barenaked Ladies


sarah said...

riii! i haven't blogged in a while too, obviously. hehe.

ooooh, veronica mars seriously rocks. she rocks my socks. =D i have the complete season here in my computer! i can't wait for the second season myself. =D

Anonymous said...

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G! said...

you've just been spammed in your blog. better turn off the word verification.

anyhoo good to see you blogging again ri. missed you.

lost starts again late september. seriously thinking of acquiring season 1 deebeedee :)

G! said...

...i meant turn ON word verification

Zane said...

i love House and Lost, too!

uy, ri, gusto mo mag-garage sale ng mga stuff? jussa thought.

how you doing?