Wednesday, August 03, 2005

the search continues

The house-hunting continues. Found a good one on T Street near the contractor's house and David's. The mother-unit will inspect later. Strange Indian landlords, but it's the cheapest 4-bedroom this side of the fringes of Makati. And a lot of storage space too for all our junk stuff. I've emptied half a cabinet and I've already filled a "travel box" (the one you can buy from SM at 69.75, sturdy enough).

The house-hunting was made more urgent by the fact that like ursula_lear, I had the roof "fall" in my room... a portion of the right wall (which was my creative aspect, per feng shui) started leaking from minimal rain, drenching most of the stuff on my table including my high school yearbook, various books, and pictures. Honestly, I cried. Because my yearbook was quite ruined (one that I had worked on myself), and so were the pictures, some of which were irreplaceable. Fie upon leaky roofs and delayed house renovations!

Last Song Syndrome : The Day You Said Goodnight - Hale
Can't get that frigging song out of my head!

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